Within Our Church

Do you want to be more involved in the life and ministry of our church body? There are many ways to do that, and your help is needed in order to make these ministries viable and effective. Please click here to learn more about the ministry opportunities and sign up to serve. For more information, you may call or email the church at 404-633-8077 and paula@intown.org

Where You Can Serve Now

Intown ESL for Peace

The ESL4PEACE (intownesl.com) ministry is focused on helping Americans develop their intercultural competencies through the building of relationships with international students, visiting international scholars, and English language learners.

Intown members and attendees are invited to participate on Sunday mornings for conversation pairs in the intown coffeehouse from 9:30-10:30am, or on Tuesday or Thursday evenings in the group classes for different levels of English fluency. If you’d like to visit or join, please contact Ben at 770-545-9859 or ben@iface.org.

Wanted: Photographers and Videographers

The Music and Arts ministry is seeking to build a library of high-quality photos and film that will help us tell our story well.  If you enjoy the art of photography and/or filmmaking and would like to share your gifts to help the church, please contact Luke Brodine at luke@intown.org.