Men's Small Groups

Are you looking to connect with other men and to grow in faith? Join a Men's Group for the fall as they begin in August and meet until Thanksgiving. Groups meet via Zoom video conferencing and discuss the book Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge. Contact Andrew Flatgard to join a group.

Men's Groups:

• Tue. 7:30 pm (Leader: Jimmy Locklear)

• Wed. 6:30 am (Leader: Andrew Flatgard)

• Wed. 12:30 pm (Studying Romans. Leader: Tom Austin)

• Thurs. 7:30 pm (Leader: Jason Kang)

• Fri. 6:30 am (Leader: Dan Gyger)

• Fri. 6:30 am (Leader: Brian Wells)

• Fri. 7:00 pm (Leader: Lussius Anderson)