Sunday Morning Life Groups

Sunday Morning Life Groups meet on Sunday Morning at 9:30 a.m. Drop into a Life Group for creative teaching and to grow in grace this fall. Here is a list of each Life Group's fall focus:

FOUNDATIONS (Room 201) - Dr. Roy Taylor teaches on who God is, who we are, and how theology affects our daily living.

THE MIDDLE (Room 205) - Exploring issues that affect us in the middle season of life using the Bible.

IFC (Room 204) - We focus on Marriage from Proverbs.

LIFE TOGETHER (Room 217) - How can we grow in Christ during the seasons of life? Join us as

we focus on the Bible and career, singleness, marriage, and more.

SERMON STUDY (Room 203) - We review and discuss the prior week's sermon message. We also devote time to knowing and caring for each other.

WORDWALK (Room 213) - Studying 1, 2, and 3 John together to grow in faith.

INTOWN ESL FOR PEACE (Coffee House) - Opportunities to Have conversations with international students and English Language Learners.

IDX (3rd floor) - Student Ministry (7th - 12th grades) with teaching and time to get to know each other.