Six talks on Foundations of Intown

A series from our Foundations Sunday Morning Life Group.

Talk #1 -- We are a Christian Church.

Talk #2 -- We are a Missional Church.

Talk #3 -- We are an Evangelical Church.

Talk #4 -- We are a Reformed Church.

Talk #5 -- We are a Presbyterian Church.

Talk #6 -- We are a PCA Church.

Foundations Life Group through November

Exploring Your Story

How does my life fit into the bigger story of the gospel? Why does my story have beauty yet so much hurt too? How can I learn from the hurt and bring healing to those past stories? How do the stories of the past impact who I am today and open up my future? Join us as we look at these questions and more in Foundations during the 9:30 hour on Sunday mornings. This will be led by Rev. David Fisk in Room 201.